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Sikkim Dorje

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Sikkim Dorje
In the Explorers and Collectors Room there is a small brass object, brought back from North India, known as a Dorje. Now bear with me on this. A Dorje is the sceptre of the Hindu god, Indra. Dorje is a Tibetan word meaning thunderbolt. Indra is the supreme deity, is the leader of the Hindu gods and is the god of rain and thunderstorms. Taking my research further I find that another Tibetan word ling means land. Putting Dorje and Ling together we get ‘the land of the thunderbolt’. Dorje Ling becomes Darjeeling. Darjeeling formed part of the northern Indian state of Sikkim and has a rainy climate well suited for growing excellent tea. There is a type of Darjeeling tea called Thunderbolt.