Beaney Works in Progress

Contemplation Stones

Article text
Map of Stones Original Location
Contemplation Stones is a work in response to what appears to be two small spherical stones hanging in the Beaney’s Cabinet of Curiosities. I have not looked further as to what they are or where they are from. All that I am interested in is that someone decided to pick them up and make them part of a display.

And so with Contemplation Stones I am not going to say what is going on, but will give the viewer some facts and visual information.

Twelve roughly spherical stones will hang in a display column. Depending on how you look at them, you might see yourself looking at them or you might see someone else looking at them and at you.

Each stone will be assigned a number and the following data and information will be given:

Weight of the stone,
Nominal diameter of the stone,
Place and time of collecting,
Photograph of the stone before it was picked up,
Photograph of the view from the stones perspective.

I will collect each of the stones from twelve places around the Kent coast, from Sheppey via Thanet to Dungeness.

Why? All that I ask of you, when you look at the finished piece, is that you give it time. Contemplate and maybe you would like to let me know your thoughts. As with all of my work it is about story-telling but here you create your own story, or not.