A Garden of Delights

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A Garden of Delights - The Constant Absurdities of Life
Creek Creative Gallery - Faversham - ME13 7BE
Opens Tuesday 5th November 2013
Runs until Sunday 17th November
Open every day 10am - 4pm except Mondays

Works are also exhibited in St Mary of Charity Parish Church, Faversham
and in select shops around the town.

This is a joint show with Jill Holder, Max Kimber, Siobhan Timoney, Robert Jarvis and
The Rising Moon Theatre Company.

Private View Friday 8th November 6-8pm (Robert will be performing at 7pm)

The Rising Moon Theatre Company, under the direction of Caroline Lamoon, will be performing Pop-Up Godot. Snatches of Waiting for Godot.

Watch out for The Absurd Birds. They were seen walking around Faversham on Saturday. They also narrowly escaped arrest at Turner Contemporary in Margate and found their way to Canterbury.

Frank Zappa quote: Absurdity is the only reality.

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